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Every great innovation is the result of even better creative minds and teams of professionals. We are Barcosoft – Computer Technology Trading LLC, which originated ina collaboration, research, and efforts of experts and professionals inherited with more than 10 years of extensive experience. Our high-yielding and conscientious services determine the success and accomplishments of SMBs and large Enterprises.


IT industry is transforming rapidly, and we are shaping and remodelling industries to compete with the same pace. Our tailored and customized cloud, On-premise and hybrid ERP solution, CRM solutions, HRM solution, Asset Management solutions, POS System,  warehouse & logistics solutions, inventory management solution, and barcode solutions, complying all International Standards, are helping our clients to improve their time-to-market, ROI and TCO consistently. 


Our in-house teams of experts are bringing businesses to life digitally by providing much-needed software development services, mobile app development services with full customization and integration support. Our services include the development of Real-time POS software& related tools. We also portal development services for retail, restaurant, saloons, laundry, gym, healthcare, and logistics, etc. Besides, we also deal with hardware and accessories of barcode scanners, biometric devices, labelling solutions, access control systems, security solutions, and types of barcode, receipt, ID card, and other printers. Our services are spreading all over the globe with dominance in UAE providing solutions for Barcode system in Dubai. We are one of the prominent POS Machine suppliers in Dubai.

Our mission is to set a true standard of excellence by equipping enterprises with the latest technologies and to amend their procedures and tools making them more competitive in the global IT market. 


Our vision is to be a global leader with a value-creation, logical, and profit model covering all constituents of business progression. Our aspiration is to inspire the market with path-breaking innovation and being the best services providers.

We are customer-centric, believe in building a long-lasting strategic partnership with our clients for long term mutual gains. We challenge, reward, and care for our people to drive imperishable financial performance.

We inherited our vision and values in our team and share the same level of gratitude and professionalism with our clients and customers. We believe in passing correct and precise details, terms, and conditions. We sign NDA, never quote undue budget out of the commitments, and follow timelines and direction with best Agile methodologies.

• Customer-First: We are customer-centric and take decisions based on customer's inputs. We maintain robust bonding, stand as rational and diagnostic, and devoted towards achieving the client’s goal.

• Indisputable: We are open and direct in all exchanges of dialogues and conversations in case of notification, consultation, questioning, notifying, reporting, and share every bit and byte transparently.

• Accountable & Focused: Whether taking responsibility, finding out limitations, or assigning dedicated teams for a complete project, we are always committed and focused to deliver quality end products.

• Self-Disciplined: Integrable, centripetal & centralized are the words justifying us. We strongly stick to ethical standards with utmost uprightness in the well-being of partners, customers, and the entire employee base.

• Innovative: We keep ourselves engaged in adapting the 5th generation technologies. Benefitting us to develop innovative result-oriented solutions that are simplest, interactive, and best to the market.