5 Features You Must Have In Your Restaurant POS Dubai

Posted by : Admin / On : 23-03-2022 /

You need to have the basics to run a business successfully. And for a better restaurant business, you need a good location, well cooking, and serving customers with a smile on your face are a few keys for you. And to manage your eatery business well, you must have a point-of-sale with restaurant software.

Before you move ahead to get such one, you should have an idea about restaurant POS features. Here are some features that you must look for in a POS for your eatery business:  

1. Speedy and user-friendly interface

In peak hours, you have lots of customers at your eater point and you have to serve all of them well. Here a restaurant POS Software system with a speedy and user-friendly interface will help you. With this one, you can easily enter the requisite details and produce the bills to your customers fast.

2. Floor and table management

Whether the time is for lunch or dinner hours, you have a rush of customers with dining-in or takeaway options. To manage the customers with dining in options becomes tough for you sometimes. With a restaurant POS Dubai, you will have an idea about the available seats in the restaurant and staff on duty. The availability of such information will help you manage your customers well.

3. Flexible payment options

Many all-in-one point-of-sale systems have a single payment gateway. Such a POS tool is not the right one for your eatery outlet. You should have restaurant software that can allow you to accept payment through various modes such as credit cards, cash, debit cards, UPI apps, and net banking.

4. Inventory control

You must have a clear idea about what items are left and what items are not available for serving customers. Further, you need to know what ingredients you need to source. Such information will help you run your restaurant well. And it will be available at your fingertip after the installation of the right restaurant POS software with inventory control features.

5. Easy installation and menu configuration

Many eatery business owners have issues in installing the system and configuring the menu as per their needs and offerings. The restaurant software Dubai with easy installation and menu editing is an ideal option for you. Such a tool will facilitate you in editing the menu of your restaurant as per their availability.   


Restaurant POS tools come with many features. You should look for the features that can support you in running your restaurant business successfully and smoothly. The above-mentioned features are just for information. You can get a restaurant POS system with more supporting features.