Is it true that Point Of Sale Systems are beneficial for small businesses?

Posted by : Admin / On : 28-08-2023 /

POS or Point of Sale System is simply a place where customers make payment for their purchase and their all transactions have been recorded along with product details.

In simple words, we can say that the POS system calculates the price of an item, informs customers about any discount, updates the inventory availability, and customer details, and makes a list of the item which has been sold from the store. It works for both online and offline stores.

POS systems Dubai and small business

In Dubai, the point of sale systems became a popular tool to boost the growth of small business as it has many features that literally helps the buyer and seller both to get the product information. Back in past years the POS system Dubai was used to refer to the cash register of the business, but now with the changing era, it has been updated and now it works in managing several tasks such as informing about prices and discounts, inventory management, customer management, track the sales and many more. Acquiring information for customers and other business-related things helps to work in a more efficient way.

How does Point of Sale work?

The work of a POS system in Dubai is now known clearly, but do you know how this system works? Actually, the POS system is a machine consisting of hardware and software parts that automatically works in syncing and tracking all the business records.

Hardware parts of POS systems are :

  • Cash register
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Credit Card reader
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt printer
  • Computer, Android tablet, iPad, or app on mobile.

POS Software parts track and keep records of the transactions or any movement in the store. Both parts work together by Inputting information into the software with the help of hardware. Together POS System Dubai is a powerful tool helping the business to conduct and record the daily operation of the business.

Key features of Point of sale systems

While planning to buy a POS system, you should know its best features and how they will help you in the growth of your business. Check out some key features of the POS system in Dubai:

Process of payment: The most important function of the POs System is payment processing. Any purchase from the store will be completed after processing the Transaction at the POS system Dubai. The payment can be done with multiple mediums like cash, credit cards, online payments, contactless payment via GPay, phone pay, and many more. The POS system also keeps track of your payment history.

Customer Management: POS keeps all the records of customers including their personal details and keeps on updating them about new arrivals and offers. This is the best way to maintain good customer relationship management along with indirect marketing.

Management of Inventory: Keeps information on the Inventory for both online and in-stores that includes product availability, their demands, size, color, and so on.

Data store: When you purchase from the store several times, POS stores your data and quickly finds your product based on your last purchase history details. It helps in saving time.

Sales chart: POS Systems Dubai prepares a sales chart to track the profit and earnings of the business.