Be Familiar with the Technology Based Categorization of POS Machine

Posted by : Admin / On : 15-01-2022 /

You would have come across many POS terms. And these terms can be online, offline, cloud-based, web, mobile, tablet, desktop, e, iPad, Android, on-premise, multichannel, and omnichannel POS systems.

These different names of a POS machine may create confusion for you, especially when you are completely new to it. Having a sound knowledge about the different types of this IT solution will help you choose the right one. Here are the different types of technology-based POS systems in brief:  

On-premise POS System 

Also known as installed, on-site, traditional, or legacy POS, such a POS machine in Dubai includes both hardware and software components. Due to being everything on the site, the POS software is installed into your computer, which is located in your physical retail store. And it works on a local internet server. Based on your business type, you might have to set up one or more terminals. You can use such a system only at your business premises.  

Cloud-based POS System 

A Cloud-based POS System is also known as a web POS machine. It has all the features and functionalities of an on-site point of sale system. In addition, it allows you to use the software on any device from anywhere. It has internet or cloud-based storage and gets updates automatically. And it has a lower upfront cost in comparison with a traditional/on-premise point of sale system. 

Mobile POS System 

Shortened as mPOS, it is a subcategory of Cloud-Based POS machines. It works on cloud-based storage. However, it allows you to operate it only on mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. In this case, you can come across different terms such as Android POS, iPad POS, or Smartphone POS. As per Statista, mobile POS transactions can increase 30% each year. It costs lower than the both mentioned above. 

Self-service Kiosks 

Such a point-of-sale system is highly popular at restaurants, multiplexes, cafes, etc. As the name suggests, it requires participation from the customers’ endpoint. Customers proceed with their orders from the selection of their desired products/services to payment and availing the orders. 

All-in-One POS Machine 

Also known as a one-stop POS machine Dubai, it is designed and made to operate synchronously. Its usage helps you stay away from system conflicts. Buying such a point-of-sale system means you are buying the whole package, which includes both all the requisite hardware and software components.     


Knowing the technology-based categorization of a POS Machine is useful for you. It will help you to get the most suitable one for your own business. If required, you can go with the industry-oriented point of sale systems that have industry-specific features like eCommerce integration and data centralization.