Cash Register – 4 Points to Know Before You Purchase It

Posted by : Admin / On : 06-04-2022 /

A cash register is a tool that can help you speed up your checkouts and track all transactions at your retail store.

Basically, it has a cashbox, a receipt printer, and adding tools to facilitate billing and transactions. Here are some points that you should keep in mind while getting the one for your retail business:

1. Features
The register you will choose comes with a receipt printer. The printer will help you streamline the transactions by producing the summaries of their purchase bills to your customers and getting transaction records for yourself. A cash register with an LCD facilitates in totaling the items in your customers’ carts and generates reports for the same. In order to have complete transparency, you can opt for the one that has both front and rear displays.

You should get the cash register with a PLU feature if you wish to generate receipts with a detail of all items for your customers. Product look-ups or PLUs are distinguished codes that you assign to goods in your store. With this, you can easily identify products and do checkouts fast at your retail store. Further, you can run your retail business with a single or multiple department with numerous shelves.   

2. Security features 
Earlier businesses use conventional registers or cashboxes that they manually unlock with keys. Some models had electronic drawers. In today’s world, cash registers that come with POS systems have a password-protected interface. To unlock such one, you need to use the codes you created at the time of protecting it. You need to use the codes every time.   

3. Print ribbon or thermal cash registers 
Most of the registers in the current world use print ribbons for receipt generation. Such registers use ink cartridges to print the details for every order. On the other hand, thermal cash registers rely on heat-sensitive paper for printing details of an order. Due to the non-presence of ink cartridges, you have lower running costs with the thermal print register. However, a print ribbon cash register generates a long-lasting and clearer receipt.   

4. Power backup 
At your retail store, you need to be ready to produce receipts whenever customers are at checkout terminals. Power outages can interrupt you in your transaction process. Therefore, you must get the cash register Dubai that you can use with a battery backup. Get the one that can support you and keep your transaction going on without any interruption in case of power outages.