Warehouse Management System: It’s Types & Benefits

Posted by : Admin / On : 25-12-2021 /

Usually, Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is a kind of software application that maintains the daily operations in a warehouse. This software controls and manages the daily activities related to the inventory. For example, picking, shipping, receiving and storing of inventory.

In starting, WMS provides only the information of storage location. But now it can provide several functions to the owners. A better WMS can decrease the chances of mistakes during the shipping of the product. 


Through this system, you can easily determine the ordered items in the warehouse. In this way, a company can quickly complete the orders. Various industries are using WMS software and increasing productivity.


Types of WMS

However, several types of WMS are available. Each of them has both pros and cons. Before choosing, make sure to know everything about that particular type of WMS. Apart from others, here are 3 most effective and popular types:


1) Standalone System

A standalone WMS is utilised on the network and hardware of the company. However, most of the WMS systems are known as third-party. This type of system is long term but the lowest cost option.


2) Cloud-based WMS

This is a kind of web-based software. It mainly works based on cloud technology. Also, it offers safety, extensibility, flexibility, and recovery from disaster. Through this warehouse management software, you can get the latest updates automatically.


3) ERP Modules

This type of WMS provides services according to the ERP solution. It mainly provides accounting, sales orders, shipping management, EDI, and MRP. This system also plays an important role to manage day-to-day operations within the warehouse.


Benefits of WMS

For every business, WMS is beneficial in several ways. You can increase the profit, accountability, and traceability of your business. Because of the admirable benefits, owners are using this extreme management system. Also, it is very important to control and determine the daily activities of the warehouse. Here are some extreme benefits of WMS:


  • It helps to increase the accuracy of inventory.
  • By maintaining WMS incorrectly, you can decrease the labour cost.
  • It helps to increase the productivity of the warehouse.
  • It provides complete customer satisfaction.
  • It also easily decreases the fulfilment time.


Final Words

A WMS system is an ideal choice to maintain daily activities within the warehouse. However, it is important to trace the inventory on a daily basis. In this way, a company can fulfil the demand of the customer. Also, owners can gain turnover of their business.