What are Mifare cards and how they are used?

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Mifare cards are the invention of smart technology that was introduced in 1994. It is a contactless card technology that is primarily used for transport passes. However, it is becoming popular so fast because of its easily storing data feature which can be easily accessed without any hindrance.

The Mifare cards of Dubai are world-famous because of their unique features and benefits. There are many more things to know about the Mifare cards Dubai which one should know to understand the term in a better way.

Understand Mifare Cards Dubai

We all know that Dubai is a leading company in the field of advanced technologies. If we talk about Mifare Cards Dubai then it is a contactless smart card technology developed by NXP Semiconductors that can make fast communication with security and safety. The cards can be easily operated by using Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that improves communication wirelessly with readers.

How does the Mifare card work?

Operating Mifare cards is easy and anyone with minimum training can operate it perfectly. The card has an internal antenna and chip which activate when it is close to the reader's magnetic field. The Mifare Cards Dubai can be operated at a 13.56MHz frequency. The antenna of Mifare cards establishes a link to the card reader and then the chip allows for the reading of the stored data and then the communication is encrypted.

Types of Mifare cards

There are four types of Mifare cards available in the market having different technologies that people choose as per their requirements. The four types are:

  1. MIFARE Classic
  3. MIFARE Ultralight
  4. MIFARE Plus

The MIFARE Classic has basic storage capabilities with security features which are mostly used in public transportation and access control.

The MIFARE DESFire is a type of smart card that is mostly used in applications that require more security protocols, like government IDs and advanced access control systems.

The MIFARE Ultralight cards are used for sensitive applications like single-use tickets. These types of cards are for limited use and cheaper. It is also less secure as compared to other types of cards.

The MIFARE Plus offers to upgrade from MIFARE Classic protocols to more secure encryption methods. It serves as the middle-ground between the DESFire and Classic cards.

Benefits of using Mifare Cards Dubai

Mifare Cards Dubai has several advantages that serve as a benefit to the business. The innovative design, advanced technology, and its unique features made it more productive. Here are some of the key benefits of the smartcards which one should know:

Security: If we think from security purposes then no doubt that Mifare Cards Dubai is the best and most secure method and provides a high level of security. It comes with advanced encryption standards that make it difficult for anyone to manipulate the card.

Speed: The Mifare cards are quick and provide hassle-free transactions, It is more convenient in public transport as it saves queuing timing.

Durable: The lifespan of the Mifare cards extends as it is designed in a way that while functioning does not come in physical contact with anyone. It reduces the risk of wear and tear.

Easy to use: One of the main benefits of the Mifare card is that it is very easy to use. anyone can easily access Mifare Cards Dubai without any difficulties.

Versatile: The Mifare cards are versatile and serve multiple functions from single cards. Different services like access, control, payments, etc can be done with one card.