What are RFID cards and how are they used?

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Radiofrequency Identification popularly known as RFID cards refers to a specific type of radio technology that uses radio waves to identify the tags which are attached to any product. With the growth of modern technologies, the use of RFID cards is becoming popular in various industries.

The RFID cards made in Dubai are famous worldwide and now with the advent of new technologies, it is gaining enormous importance in the digital world. The RFID cards Dubai are unique from others and thus people invest in them to get some additional profits.

RFID cards Dubai in detail

Understanding radio frequency Identification is very important so that one can easily know the value and need of the card for the growth of the business.
RFID cards Dubai is a wireless system that is comprised of two components- Tags and Readers. The reader has antennas that emit the radio waves and receive the signals back from the RFID tags. Tags are the component of RFID cards that use radio waves to communicate with nearby readers. The tags can be passive and active. The passive tags are powered by the readers and do not have any batteries. While the other one is powered by the batteries. 

Types of RFID systems

The RFID cards have been divided into three main types. The low, high, and ultra-high frequency. The frequency varies as per different countries and regions.
Low-frequency RFID systems: The range of LF RFID cards Dubai  ranges from 30 KHz to 500 KHz. However, the typical frequency is 125 KHz. These cards have short transmission ranges starting from a few inches to less than six feet.

High-Frequency RFID System: The HF RFID system ranges from 3 MHz to 30 MHz and the typical frequency is 13.56 MHz The standard range of these RFID cards in Dubai is anywhere from a few inches to several feet.

Ultra-high frequency RFID systems: The UHF RFID ranges from 300 MHz to 960 MHz having a typical frequency of 433 MHz These are the best among and can generally be read from 25-plus feet away.

Microwave RFID Systems: These are the advanced card systems that run at 2.45 GHz and can be read from 30-plus feet away. The different types of frequency used at various places can vary depending on the region. Apart from these ranges, if anyone needs longer read ranges then one can boost the additional power ranges to 300-plus feet.

Uses of RFID Cards

RFID cards Dubai technology has become pervasive in various industries. Let’s know how RFID cards Dubai work and what their uses are:"

Supply Chain: RFID Technology is utilized in maintaining the supply chain of the industries. It tracks the goods and enables real-time visibility. The RFID tags attached to the individual items efficiently maintain the inventory management that helps in maintaining the supply chain.

Asset Tracking: RFID technology is extensively used for asset tracking that allows the company to monitor and manage the assets effectively. The tags are attached to the vehicles, machinery, equipment, etc that provide the exact location, uses, and other information to the company.

Point of sale: RFID technology improves the customer experience at the point of sale (POS). It enables real-time inventory tracking, reduces stock outs, and gives accurate information about the product that will save time and improve accuracy. Apart from these, it is also used for Library management, Livestock tracking, Healthcare management, waste management, contactless payment systems, etc.