What are the benefits of an inkjet portable printer Dubai?

Posted by : Admin / On : 26-04-2022 /

As per its name, an inkjet portable printer in Dubai or anywhere in the world is a peripheral device that facilitates the generation of a hard copy of the data. The data is gathered or stored with the use of digital devices such as a Bluetooth or a USB

The printer is smaller in comparison with a conventional one and wireless and compact in nature. Like others in retail, warehousing, eatery, and logistics businesses, you decide to get such one. Before you get it, you should know its benefits that you can have:

Light-weight and portable

As its name suggests, a handheld inkjet printer Dubai is highly portable and light weighted in nature. It means you can carry your barcode printer with you. Being light in weight makes it suitable for carrying in your backpack. Using it means you have no tiredness even after long hours.  

Easy operation

30 or 40 years ago, printers were immovable and heavy. Due to which, people find operating them a difficult and daunting job. Only skilled people could operate the conventional printers. On the other hand, inkjet portable printers Dubai have user-friendly modules and are easy to operate. Any person with basic knowledge of digital devices can operate an inject portable printer.   


With a handheld inkjet printer Dubai, you can save your time in two ways. Firstly, you will reduce printing hours. And secondly, you can easily code the print while holding it your hand. With conventional printers, you had long printing hours and had to train your staff for coding and allied things before the real printing work.  

Cost effective

An inkjet portable printer Dubai is highly cost effective for you. With it, printing work becomes more comfortable and convenient for your staff. You don’t need to train them and can use this printing machine for a more extended period with a little maintenance.


The handheld inkjet portable printer Dubai runs on a battery that you can recharge again for further usage. Being a battery-operated device, it enables you to keep your printing or marking work going on even if there is a power in your area or your business premises.


An inkjet portable printer is highly beneficial for you. It is highly light & portable and saves your time and energy. With it, you can execute your printing job faster and any one of staff can easily handle it for a printing job. As it is rechargeable, and so, it allows you keep your work going on even in power cuts.