What are the Different Types of POS Machines?

Posted by : Admin / On : 23-12-2021 /

In today’ era, the POS system is most important for every business. This system helps to accept the payments digitally. In other words, a POS system is a mixture of software and hardware.

The hardware also contains a machine to accept cards. On the other hand, the software helps to handle the payments, processing, and other VAS services. Also, this POS system comes in different sizes, shapes, and types. Through this machine, you can accept contactless payments through debit/credit cards. Let’s know some different types of POS:


It is known as one of the oldest POS versions. This type of POS works through a standard telephone line. Today, this type of POS system uses a GPRS SIM card for data connection. Have a look at some tremendous features of this POS:

  • This kind of POS device is heavy. 

  • It is available in your budget (completely affordable).

  • Through small screens, they show the acceptance of card-based payments.

  • It is also suitable for all kinds of business.

  • Several POS companies in Dubai design and develop this kind of device for their customers on request. 


As GPRS POS devices are bulky and do not provide any mobility. That is why; mPOS has been established. It can be carried by an individual anywhere. Also, these devices are light in weight and known as handy POS devices. Have a look at its features:

  • You can run it with an app or your smartphone.

  • It includes numerous types of connectivity options.

  • This kind of device is best for small and medium retail businesses.

  • Most of the delivery business includes this device for merchants. 

Android POS

For a better customer experience, Android POS is the best choice. It reduces the pressure of payments from several options. Due to the demand of the customer, this type of Android POS device has been formulated. It is popular because:

  • It works through the Android operating system.

  • It includes a large screen and is so easy to operate.

  • Through your smartphone, you can operate this device.

  • It has numerous features and is suitable for the latest retail outlets, restaurants, organisations, etc.

ePOS (Virtual POS)

This kind of POS device is known as a “low-cost solution”. It is known as the perfect solution to increase customer satisfaction. This is also an electronic POS system without spending extra money. In this regard, you can also go through the POS solution Dubai.

Last Words

Today, POS devices are so important for every business. You can see these devices at hospitals, restaurants, retail, organisations, small/medium businesses, etc.