What can you do with a Handheld Inkjet Printer?

Posted by : Admin / On : 02-03-2022 /

Nowadays, the importance of printers is increasing steadily among the people. Along with personal uses, it is a unique and complex gadget.

You can find these gadgets in offices, organizations, retail shops, companies, warehouses, and so on.

Today, people are going towards a handheld inkjet printer for their daily work. Such types of printers are the best and most convenient way to print quickly. These handheld printers are light in weight and more effective compared to traditional printers. Here are some that you can get by using handheld printers:

Print on Several Surfaces

Usually, they are also known as “inkjet portable printers”. It means you can carry them anywhere with you. One of the biggest advantages is that these printers can print on several surfaces like:

  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Plastic

Print in Quick and Effective Manner

Due to the advanced technology, the latest and unique handheld inkjet printer is too fast. With the help of a touch screen, you can make essential changes within a few seconds. It is the reality that you can save time and money by printing with these latest printers.

Prints Q-Codes and Barcodes

With normal printers, it can be complicated to print barcodes and Q-codes. But a handheld printer can make this job easy for you. Without buying special printers, you can use them to print barcodes. In addition, you may also tag and label your products along with barcodes. Hence, this feature makes this printer a unique and powerful gadget for every business.

Get Mobility along with Your Printing Requirements

Due to the latest and amazing features, a handheld inkjet printer is best known for its mobility. Because of the heavy weight, you can’t take your bulky or traditional printers from one place to another. But you can carry handheld printers while traveling or moving to a new place.

In addition, these printers include rechargeable batteries that fulfill your printing needs. They also have a good operating time which can make your work easier. Besides being lightweight, they are small and everyone can operate them easily.

Final Thoughts

Hence, the usage of the handheld printer is so easy and efficient for every business. By having such the latest printers, your job can be easier without any trouble. Also, you can replace ink cartridges to make the whole printing process swift and simple.

Generally, these printers belong to the thermal inkjet coding printers. They offer several advantages compared to traditional inkjet printers.