What Features Should Your Warehouse Management Software Have?

Posted by : Admin / On : 29-01-2022 /

In the management of a warehouse, you carry out activities like inspection, procurement, storing, return, picking, packaging, accepting, and shipping.

Manual operation at a larger scale creates many issues. And hence, many of you opt for having a warehouse management system. Before you take your step forward to have it, you should know the features of an ideal one. Here are some features that must be in your warehouse software:

Seamless integration 

Integration is a must-have feature for a warehouse management software solution. Its integration with ERP facilitates you to have highly accurate data in real-time across your company. There is assurance on having all the requisite information stored in a single platform and synchronized well with other departments of your organization. 

Mobile deployment 

It is not possible for you to carry your desktop/laptop with you all the time. There is only one device that you always carry with you. And it is your smartphone. The mobile deployment of a warehouse management system (WMS) enables you to access the requisite information anywhere at any time. Whether you are in your office, home, in or around your city, or out of your native country, the WMS with a mobile interface helps you access the required information on your Smartphone as per your wish. 

Cost reduction 

A warehouse management software solution is useless and not a good investment if it doesn’t help you reduce the cost you spend on human resources and manual work. An ideal WMS does all the requisite functions at your fingertip and helps you come out of your dependency on the human workforce. With a few responsible staff, you can easily perform all activities in your warehouse. 

Inbound and outbound flow of inventory 

In your warehouse operation, you do several activities with your inventory. The activities are procurement, picking up, retrieval, returns, etc. You must have a clear idea of what has been procured, stored, picked up, shipped, and returned. The right warehouse management system will enable you to have highly accurate information in this regard.  

Apart from the above, a WMS should be user-friendly, shouldn’t require frequent maintenance, and must prepare the required reports (sales, returns, financial, etc.) on your fingertip.