What to Look for in An Inkjet Portable Printer?

Posted by : Admin / On : 13-09-2021 /

Whether you are a student, a working professional, or a business owner, you need to take a printout of documents. And for this, you need to have a printer. If you are a retail business owner, you need it more to print bills for your customers’ purchases. To print the bills, you must buy a good inkjet portable printer. Here are what you see in a portable printing machine for your home or retail business:


Before you move to buy a portable printer, you must know its performance, i.e. the printing speed. The speed is referred to as pages per minute (PPM), or images per minute (IPM). This speed can vary as per the type of printing – black & white or color.

Apart from the speed, you need to keep the print resolution in mind. The resolution is referred to as dots per inch (DPI). The higher DPI is in a printer the sharper printout comes out of it. For making everything clear on the printed bills, you should buy a handheld inkjet printer with higher DPIs.

WiFi Support

Most of the portable printers have WiFi connection support. In your purchase, you need to clarify whether a print has WiFi connection support or not. The inkjet printer with WiFi Direct technology is better for you, as it enables the printer to connect with your Smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet, or POS systems wirelessly.

Software compatibility

Knowing the software compatibility is crucial before buying an inkjet portable printer. If you purchase any printer without software compatibility, your money and effort will go in vain. To check its compatibility, you can try connecting the printer to mobile. Move ahead in your purchase if it gets connected easily with your Smartphone.

Supported paper sizes

To make your printer purchase worthful, you should know it supported paper sizes. Suppose that you are buying a printing machine for general document printing. In this case, you should go with the one that could easily print documents in A4 size. For your retail business, you should value the one that is in accordance with your bill paper size.

Power supply

Usually, printers need electric power to print documents. In the current world, portable printers such as handheld inkjet printers are battery-operated. They have rechargeable batteries that run for specific hours a day. After that, you need to recharge them.


Printer purchase is a little tricky. It works better when you know and verifies all the related aspects like WiFi support, software compatibility, paper size, and power supply.