Barcosoft prefers to deliver quality over quantity, deliver a full-scale solution of high-quality thermal transfer ribbons. This smudge-resistant and superior edge ribbons print on a wide variety of paper, synthetic and polyester material with great speed and protect the printers as they are static-free. 

We offer colour ribbon solution with standard colours of RGB (red, green and blue). Special and custom ribbons are designed for industrial labelling that stands in extreme temperatures and bears harsh chemicals. We deal in different types of ribbons and related barcode ribbon services mentioned below:

• WAX Ribbons:
o Use paper as a material
o Used in an environment of high-speed printing usually up to 12 ips.
o Used with no exposure to abrasion or chemical.
o Industrial and Desktop printer 
o Economic, standard and high performance

• WAX/Resin Ribbons:
o Matte synthetic material with a paper coating
o Can stand exposure of abrasion or chemical
o Industrial and desktop printers
o Standard and high performance 
o Resistant to scratches and smears

• Resin Ribbons:
o Pure synthetic material coated with some tags and labels
o Can stand extreme exposure to chemicals
o Use in ultra-high temperature and odd environments
o Standard, high and premium performance
o Image Lock for durable images in extreme environment
o Industrial and Desktop printers including cartridge