Barcosoft plays important roles for health care Industries and for the global community by providing labelling hardware and software solutions to protect, inform and secure the life of people. Our pharmaceutical labelling solutions meet all packaging standards and regulation compliance, maintaining brands reliability and ensuring patient safety.

As an expert of health care labelling services, we select pharmaceutical labels with waterproof and migration safe material with low leachability. Our software solutions, tools and mobile apps support all sorts of labels, labelling guns and barcode machines, automate the data storage and inventory maintenance. Our solutions are easily integrated and customized by our developers as per the industry specification and requirement.

Our healthcare labelling solutions involve labels, hardware and software for:

• Ampoules
• Blood bags and blood donation
• Blow-fill seal
• Bottles
• Cardboard boxes
• Cartridges
• Collection tubes
• IV bags and hanging bottles
• Nasal spray and Inhalers
• Pre-filled pens
• Sterilization pouches
• Sterilization wraps
• Syringes
• Vials

Our pharmaceutical labelling services include:

• Booklet labels
• Cold and Cryogenic storage
• Container substrate
• Hanger labels
• Label features
• Line Performance
• Migration Safety
• Presence Verification
• Printability and Print Legibility
• Serialization and Traceability
• Small volume size and diameter containers
• Sterilization
• Tamper Evidence