Coming soon for the proper identification of Industrial goods, parts, shipments, cartons, and pallets Barcosoft provide coding, marking and labelling services on the varieties of packaging system and products. 

We follow both Datamatrix and 2D coding standards for permanent identification, quality control and requirement of tracking and tracing products with:
• OEM &Automative Labelling solution
• Equipment & Machinery Labeling Solution
• Electronics and UL Labelling Solution
• Lumber and Drum Labelling Solution, etc.

 Our other industrial labelling services and solutions: 
• Inkjet printers: 
o Non-Contact Coding 
o Clear coding of graphics, text and 2D barcodes on a variety of products
o Exceptional ink adhesion stands in harsh environment and odd temperature 
o Supreme protection with a wash down enclosures

• Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO):
o An ideal printer for variable information with clear and sharp images.
o High-speed lines flexible packaging with versatile thermal transfer printing.
o Vertical and horizontal continuous motion form, seal and fill machinery.
o Easy print communicator and compact 53C and 32D, etc. printer models.

• Permanent Marks Laser Coding:
o Digital codes with supreme quality on the high-speed production line.
o Marked on wood, glass, paper, metals, plastics, cardboard, etc. with no consumables.
o Supports 2D barcodes,  text and graphics with clear printing.

• High productivity Label Applicators:
o Printing and application of pressure-sensitive labels.
o Accurate, result-oriented, standalone and inline systems.
o Custome made equipments and enclosures to save labels in washdowns and messy environment.
o Support for a label printer, decorative, and integrated labelling applicators and systems.

• Labels for cartoon, shipments, pallets, and parts:
o MIL STD 129 (RFID) & MIL STD 130 labels for UID (Unique Identification).
o CSA (Canadian Standard Association) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. regulatory labels.
o Aerospace, aircraft and electrical wires and cable labels follow NASA, FAA and MIL STD standards and specifications.