Ensure quick identification with our Industrial Labels

Barcosoft Tech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Labels for harsh commercial and industrial environments. Designed to be suitable for machinery, electronics, floors, warehouse bins, storage racks, barrels, and corrugated surfaces, our Industrial Labels are durable and attractive. We customise our labels and stickers to cater to your specific needs, and come with a wide array of features.


Keep Your Made Products Identified with Our Manufacture Labels

Apart from offering Industrial Labels, we offer labels and stickers for businesses in the manufacturing field. Before we move to design and make Manufacture Labels, we interact closely with you to comprehend your exact requirements for labels in terms of design, shape, size, etc. We keep a strict vigil on the entire process to serve you with what you need.


What types of Industrial Labels we offer?

At Barcosoft Tech, we make and supply a wide range of Industrial Labels. On your request, we can offer you:

· Custom industrial labels, tags, stickers, nameplates, and keypads

· Manufacture label

· Engineering stickers

· QC labels, stickers, and tags

· OSHA safety labels

· Instructional labels

· QR codes, serial number labels


Key features of our Industrial and Manufacture Labels

· Sturdy label stock

· Resilient adhesive

· Chemical, abrasion, and solvent resistant

· High-performing durability

· Weatherproof

· High-strength bonding

· Colour clarity and image accuracy


How can you order our Industrial Labels & Manufacture Stickers ?

Many of you may have a concern. You might be thinking of how you can place your orders for Industrial Labels and Stickers with us. Placing order with us is quite simple. For this, you need to send your engineering drawings with the exact shapes, sizes, and the materials you will use in their production. We will design and produce precise Industrial Labels for you. On your request, we can guide you to get the right labels and stickers for your industrial products.  


Why Barcosoft Tech for Industrial and Manufacture Labels?

At Barcosoft Tech, we offer an extensive range of Industrial Labels. We are your preferred choice when it comes to have custom Industrial Stickers and Labels. Here is more on why you place repeated orders with us:


· A balanced team of experienced professionals

· Sophisticated infrastructure with separate setups for design, print, marketing, packaging, and shipping

· Quick response

· Affordable solution

· A good track of timely and safe delivery of requested orders

· Ethical business practices and transparent dealings

· High market reputation and several years of industry experience