5 Advantages of Using an Inkjet Portable Printer

Posted by : Admin / On : 16-01-2022 /

These days, the use of printers is part and partial of a business operation. In operating your business, you use printers for printing the documents you receive online, barcodes, bills, etc. And for processing the print job, printers use cartridges that have ink.

Due to the availability of ink, the printers are inkjet printers. These printing machines have several improvements in terms of quality and speed. Before you move forward to buy an ideal inkjet portable printer, you should know its benefits. Here are some advantages of inkjet printer: 

1. Lower initial cost 

The cost of a handheld inkjet printer is lower in comparison with the printing jobs you get done from outside. It is the best option for you if prices are a primary concern for you. After the initial investment at the purchase time, it doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money on its operation and maintenance costs.  

2. Fast start-up time 

In general, laser printers need wake-up time. On the other hand, an inkjet portable printer doesn’t have such a need. It doesn’t need to get heated up before starting the printing job. Just after turning it on, the printer starts working. And you can easily print receipts, bills, or allied documents.  

3. High-quality clear printing 

Ink cartridges in a handheld inkjet printer are highly pigmented. Due to the use of ink technology, such printers produce higher outputs in terms of texts and images. With their smoother and finer detailing, they are ideal for printing high-resolution photos, apart from receipts, barcodes, and documents. 

4. Highly portable 

An inkjet portable printer is smaller in size and lighter in weight in comparison with other respective options. It is a plug-and-play type of printing device. And hence, it is highly portable. You can easily carry it with you in your laptop bag or allied carrying object. 

5. Low noise/less distractions 

Usually, printing machines make noises that create distractions for people working around. On the other hand, a handheld inkjet printer doesn’t cause any distractions. It is, as it doesn’t make a lot of noises while being in the operation. It is quieter in comparison with the dot matrix printer. 

Final thoughts 

An inkjet portable printer is a highly useful device to carry out several different printing jobs, including barcode printing. It costs you lower, offers high-quality clear printing, works fast, weighs low, and does not create distractions. You will get the right value of the amount you will invest in its purchase.