ZKTeco UA300

A Device WithStunning User Interface & Data Backup

ZKTeco UA300 is a fingerprint and ID card attendance biometric device attributed with the latest technology of firmware and easy to use intuitive user interface. It provides extraordinary features like 

• Matching a fingerprint or detecting a card is very fast as it takes less than 1 second.
• Internal Chip encryption and complete firmware protection is available.
• Easy to backup the data and to retrieve it back.
• ZKTeco UA300 Biometric Device is highly customizable as per the user’s demand.
• To print the attendance record it supports external printer
• Can be connected with RJ45 connector to the local network using TCP/IP protocol
• Also support USB 2.0 and RS 232/485 for transfer of data from its memory.


• Fingerprint Capacity: 3000 (1:N)
• ID Card Capacity: 10,000 (Optional)
• Record Capacity: 100,000
• Communication: TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB client
• Standard Functions: Web Server, SMS, Automatic Status Switch, Self-Service Query, Work Code, T9 input, 9 Digits User ID, DST, Schedule Bell
• Software: ZKTime Net 3.0
• Verification speed: Less than 1 second.

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ZKTeco iFace850

Access Control Terminal with Multi-biometric T&A

With its huge capabilities, ZKTeco iFace850 multi-biometric device supports a total of 4000 finger templates, 3000 face templates, and 10,000 number of access cards. It is known as Multi-biometric device because of its support of finger’s biometric, access control, time attendance as well as face recognition and also supports multiple languages. Some of its features are:

• Extra built-in battery with up to four hours of backup.
• It can easily differentiate the real face and photo that helps to 
• Delivers promising security levels with face algorithms technology.
• Encryption of chip with complete firmware protection.


• Face Capacity: 3000 (1:N)
• Fingerprint Capacity: 4000
• Card Capacity: 10,000 (Optional)
• Transactions/Logs Capacity: 1,00,000
• Verification Time: Less than 2 seconds
• Communication: TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host, Wi-fi, 3G etc.
• Verification speed: less than 1 second
• TFT Screen: 4.3-inch Touch

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ZKTeco iFace900

Now Track Your Employee Attendance With Ease

iFace900 is a Multi-Biometric T&A and Access Control Terminal which supports 3,000 face templates, 4,000 fingerprint templates and 10,000 cards (optional). It is equipped with ZKTeco latest hardware platform and algorithm, which provide clients with a brand new UI and user-friendly operating interface, bringing them a smooth user experience.

Whether you are planning a secure environment, want to stop any intrusion or trespassing or simply want to trace and manage attendance of each employee of your company, ZKTeco iFace900 biometric device is the optimum solution. It supports multiple languages with very high verification speed. It uses advance face detection algorithm for face verification with sensors to differentiate in between an image/photo and real face. Fingerprint and card scanning is very fast and supports up to 3000 face template, 4000 fingerprint and 10000 cards. All this information is stored into the memory and can be accessed anytime with USB, TCP/IP source and by printing. 


•    Face Capacity: 3,000 (1:N)
•    Fingerprint Capacity: 4,000
•    ID Card Capacity: 10,000 (Optional)
•    Logs Capacity: 100,000
•    Communication: TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host
•    Time Attendance Standard Functions
•    Verification Speed: less than 1 sec
•    Display: 4.3" TFT Touch Screen

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ZKTeco WL20

An Application Rich Device With Wireless Connectivity

WL20 is Fingerprint Time & Attendance Terminal with Wi-Fi module. With Wi-Fi function, User needn’t wire Ethernet cable, it supports hotspot mode and allows mobile APPs connection and check-in/out and download record directly. It’s associated with ZK new fingerprint reader, the operation remains stable under a strong light source and high preciseness of verification of wet and rough fingers.

A biometric device is not worthy without a compatible software for managing Fingerprint time and attendance record. ZKTeco WL20 biometric device is full of the latest features and is a level up from previous devices in some factors:

• No ethernet cable is required now for connectivity as Wi-fi 802.11 module is available.
• Supports hotspot mode.
• Allows mobile and PC application to be connected with ZKTeco WL20 biometric device.
• Enable to scan and match fingers with dirt, wetness or with some roughness.
• Allowed apps to download check-in and check out the information.


• Fingerprint Capacity: 1000/1500 (without SSR)
• Record Capacity: 50000
• Logs Capacity: 100,000
• Communication: USB Client, USB Host, Wi-Fi
• Standard Functions: SSR, DST, Scheduled-bell, Self-Service Query, Automatic Status Switch, T9 Input
9-digit user ID
• Verification Speed: less than 1 sec
• Display: 2.8" TFT Touch Screen
• Optional Functions: TA Assistant APP, Time Cube Cloud Solution

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ZKTeco F18

An Access Control Device To Secure Your Premises 

One of the known and most selling biometric devices of ZKTeco is F18 access control terminal. Its high hardware configuration and latest software make it one the most powerful biometric device in its range. For multi-level management, ZKTeco F18 Biometric Device comprises of user privilege management and latest user-friendly firmware. ZMM210 core-board 1.2Ghz of CPU and optimized firmware makes it fast, efficient and accurate. It supports third-party access control panels and can also be installed as a standalone device. Its slim, elegant and compact design makes it look smarter. 
It supports both fingerprints and access cards.


•    Fingerprint Capacity: 3000 templates
•    Card Capacity: 5000 (Optional)
•    Transaction Capacity: 30,000 transactions
•    Communication: USB Host, TCP/IP, RS232/485
•    Standard Functions: Web Server, Anti Passback
•    Optional Functions: ID card, Mifare Card
•    Access Control Interface: 3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm, Doorbell
•    Display: TFT LCD Color Screen

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ZKTeco TF1700

World’s Smallest Water Proof Biometric Terminal

Yes, you get it right! ZKTeco TF1700 is one of the world’s smallest biometric fingerprint device which is based on Ethernet connectivity. Some of the exclusive features of ZKTeco TF1700 Biometric devices are:

• IP65 waterproof system
• IP65 rating of Dustproof Built
• Durable and best for outdoor environments
• Preferable for the house, factory, garage, office and other standalone applications
• It is equipped with Infrared detection fingerprint sensor
• It uses ZK Finger VX 10.0 algorithm
• Supports fingerprints, pin codes and RF cards
• Buzzer and multi-color LED acts as a sound and interface respectively


• Fingerprint Capacity: 3000 (8000 optional)
• Card Capacity: 30,000 (Optional)
• Log Capacity: 100,000 transactions
• Communication: USB Host, TCP/IP, RS485
• Display: 128*64 OLED
• Authentication: Finger/PIN/Card
• RF Card: EM (Standard)/Milfare (Optional)
• Keypad: 3*5 Keypad and doorbell

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