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In 2020, as Barcode is celebrating its 21st anniversary, our barcode software solution is adding advantage and value to the businesses, boost efficiency, build and secure your inventory records with automation, provides direct savings, and prevent expensive errors for physical items including equipment and supplies.

Our solution like barcode inventory management software provides wide supports of barcoding techniques for various domains & verticals, symbology, and standards. It automatically computes and creates accurate, unique, and comprehensible barcodes, using hundreds of barcode components in multiple symbologies following scores of barcode standards. Our barcode solutions Dubai supports the below-mentioned standards, barcodes, labels, and data formats.

Our barcode solution Dubai helps you record information on every level from tracking products, counting items, updating inventories, picking ordered items, receiving inventories, etc. It effortlessly designs quick custom labels, asset tags, shipping labels, address labels, coupons, and ID badges. Barcode label software eases the way you track items by reminding the previous serial number to continue with the next one automatically.

Linear Barcodes: Codabar, Code-39/93/128, EAN-8/13, GS1-128/DataBar, Interleaved, ITF-14, JAN-8/13, MSI Plessey, Telepen, Trioptic, UPC-A, UPC-E, etc.
2-D Barcodes: Aztec Code, Data Matrix, GS1 Composite/DataBar/DataMatrix/QR, MaxiCode, Micro QR Code, MicroPDF417, PDF417, QR Code,iQR, etc.

Postal & Shipping Barcodes: Australia Post, Canadian Customs, Japanese Post, KIX Code, Royal Mail, UPS MaxiCode, USPS Intelligent Mail, USPS Planet, USPS Postnet, etc.

Barcode Standards: GS1 Coupons, GS1 Distribution, GS1 General Applications, GS1 Health Care, GS1 Pharmaceutical, GS1 General & Non-General Distribution, HIBC, ISBT, TLC (39 and MicroPDF417), DUN, UPS Tracking Number, etc., our barcode tool design barcodes for most of the international standard.
Label Standards: Caterpillar, DoD, GHS, GM 1724-A, HIBC, MIL 129 and 1189B, ODETTE, Oracle WMS, Sears, Wal-Mart, SAP AII, SSCC, TLC, UPS, USPS (includes FIM A and FIM C), etc.

Data Format Standards: GTIN-8, GTIN-12, GTIN-13, GTIN-14, GS1 DataBar components, ITF-14 components, SCC-18 etc.

Our Barcode Software Development Services include:
•    Desktop Barcode software development
•    Web & Mobile Application development 
•    Cloud application development
•    API Development & Integration
•    Software Customized Solutions
•    BarcodesolutionIntegration Services
•    Supporting Hardware & Software Support
•    Technical Support & Training

Barcosoft Barcode Solutions and Hardware Support:
•    Barcode Printers (Barcode Printer, Receipt Printer, ID Card Printer, Mobile Printers)
•    Scanners (Barcode Handheld Scanner, Cordless Handheld Scanner, Table-Top Scanner, etc.)
•    Terminals (Portable Terminals, Window Based Portable Terminals, etc.)
•    Barcode Labels (Price, Product, logistics, jewellery & optical, barcode ribbon, and other labels).
•    Security Devices (RFID, Fingerprint Scanner, etc.).
•    Barcode printing software and barcode label printing software.

Barcode Printing Machine

Barcode printing machines are one of the most useful tools of the company as they improve the productivity and efficiency of the organization. Before the arrival of this machine, people worked manually and encoded the data related to the packages which may result in excess mistakes. But, with the revolution of technologies, the arrival of barcode management software helps the company to maintain certain operations of the business accurately. Dubai is the hub of technology and businessmen from different countries also want to invest in the brands of Dubai. Inventory barcode software in Dubai has become a standard piece of innovation for the companies as it helps to maintain goodwill in the competitive markets.

Barcodes and inventory management

Barcodes are the specially designed lines and spaces that are printed on the packages and they contain all details about the goods such as price, serial number, identification cards, postal mail, etc. It becomes easy to locate, search, and maintain the inventory to avoid any kind of human error. The barcodes are printed on the packages by specially designed barcode label printing software. The software is user-friendly and one can easily manage it with minimal guidance. 

In UAE, different software and tools are used to complete the process smoothly and accurately. The inventory barcode software Dubai is also important as it maintains and controls the inventory by tracking the barcodes of different products. It helps to avoid overstocking, wrong deliveries, and misplaced items and provides many other benefits to the company. These barcode printing machines are different from normal computer peripheral printers. These are specially designed for printing barcode labels on the packages. There are different types of printers available in the market that are different from each other in their features, technology, and price.

Barcodes and inventory management

Some basic features of the barcode label printing software are:

  • The barcode management software helps reduce label errors which remain high while manual labeling.
  • It is a user-friendly software which can be easily used by the employees with basic training.
  • By tracking and controlling the inventory the software helps to overstock and reduce the possibility of having waste and loss to the company.
  • The barcode printing machine provides high-quality prints of high resolutions which can last for a long period. It has the quality to print in different materials like wood, glass, paper, plastics, etc.
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