Warehouse & Logistic Solution

Mark your steps and Make Your Moves with our IT Platform

To elevate the client's experience and to drive more value to the partners, Barcosoft IT Warehouse and Logistics Management Services design an operative environment of logistic network, manufacturers, supply chain providers, transporters, freight redirectors, etc. 

Our Warehouse & Logistic Management Software makes it easy for our clients to manage, control, and monitor warehouse management systems operations with complete automation. This set of the process involves collect products/items, manage their mobility, manage staff and track their Key performance Indicator (KPI), manage and improve the security and safety of the warehouse, and tracing/locating products/items using relevant hardware & software.

Our Logistics Management Solutions (LMS) and Warehouse management software comply with 3PL’s ISO 9001 Certification to maintain quality standards whether items are placed in repositories, reached the customer, or could be anywhere in between. 

Our Warehouse Management Services include:
• Desktop warehouse management software development
• Web & Mobile Application development 
• Cloud application development
• API Development& Integration
• Fully Customized Solutions
• WMS Software Integration Services
• Supporting Hardware & Software Support
• Technical Support & Training

Modules of Barcosoft Warehouse and Logistic Management System:
• Order Management System
• Inventory Management System
• Warehouse Management System
• Transport Planner and Management System
• Freight Management System
• Fleet Management System etc.…… 

Features of our Logistic Management and Warehouse System:
• 3D Warehouse Design
• Picking & Packing Management
• Labor Management
• Shipping and Carrier Management
• Custom fees & Documentation Management
• Delivery Management & Scheduling
• Cross-Docking
• Last Mile Logistic
• Order Tracking
• Transportation Accounting
• Reverse Logistics (Return Information Status & Quality Assurance Tracking)
• Logistics Analysis (Fright Accruals, Carrier & KPI Reports)

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