MIFARE cards are contactless cards made up of plastic with inbuilt chips inside which are used to serve several services such as transport passes, loyalty cards, event tickets, student ID cards, hotel key cards, cashless payment cards, and many more. The MIFARE cards have gained enormous popularity in the digital world because of the smart technology used to complete several processes easily and quickly.

MIFARE cards in brief

MIFARE cards are now not a new name in society and almost everyone knows it due to its key benefits. But there are several other things that one should know if they are really interested in new technologies and inventions. The name MIFARE is very interesting but do you know how it has been named so? Actually, it has been derived from its brand name, MIKRON FARE which has been launched by the company Mikron. These types of cards were first developed by the NXP semiconductors in 1944 and were mainly used for transport passes but now it has gained enormous popularity in the digital world with multiple features. One of the best things about MIFARE cards is that they have no physical contact. The information is encoded in the chip which can be read easily by scanning the card. MIFARE card is very easy to access and the best thing is that it does not need any type of high maintenance.

Key Advantages of MIFARE Cards

There are multiple benefits of using the MIFARE cards to make our daily lives easy and comfortable. Some key benefits of using MIFARE cards are:

● A single MIfare card can be used for many applications including access control, purse applications, pin verification, etc.
● It can be easily used in a wet environment as the card reader can be sealed properly to avoid any type of damage.
● Each MIFARE card has a unique serial number that makes it different from each other.
● Very low maintenance is needed as this card has no physical contact and thus low possibility of wear and tear of the cards.
● MIFARE cards are not inserted into the card reader as they can work by entering within the range of the card reader.
● The cards are fully secured by encryptions that prevent unauthorized access to the information stored safely in the cards.
● MIFARE cards are user-friendly and thus it has gained enormous popularity in the digital world.

Important things to know

There are some basic features of MIFARE cards that will make you know about it in a better way.

● The operating frequency of MIFARE cards is 13.56 MHz.
● The size of the card is appropriate it is easy to carry. It is approximately 85.7mm x 54.0mm x 0.8mm.
● It has a reading range from about 0cm up to 10 cm. The data capacity of the MIFARE are different from each other depending on the technology used. However, a standard 1K MIFARE card has 16 sectors each with 4 blocks of data that are 16 bytes.
● The radio transmission and the data stored between the card and the reader are encrypted. They are secured and no data can be misused.
● Every sector has 48-bit keys that give access to read and write. It also allows different applications to operate on the same card.
● The access to data from multiple sectors is fully protected with a 48-bit key.

MIFARE Multiple cards

There are so many cards available in MIFARE that are different from each other depending on their nature and the technology used while manufacturing. Some of the popular MIFARE Cards are:

● MIFARE Classic
● MIFARE Ultralight


The MIFARE cards are available in the market in a wide range that serves their best services to the company. The cards are highly secured and can be used for multiple operations. It is very easy to use and thus it is high in demand in the market. It allows high security while accessing data between the card and the reader.