Retail S/w

We automate your transactions, help you gain more control over operations, increase efficiency, boost profit through our very interactive Point of Sale (POS) software, or Retail Software Dubai Solutions. We provide development, customization and integration services of various retail POS software and related tools.

Our retail software with complete retail management system offers certain features mentioned below:
• Fasten your checkout process, reduce manual effort and diminish the chances of transaction errors.
• Proper inventory management and tracking make your process effortless, saves lots of time, and make it easy to monitor and get notified.
• Use your customer data as lead information and helps to increase your sales by sending discounts and offerings and helps to know the market demand
• Automate the streamlined process of purchasing from suppliers works as an e-procurement system for your organization.
• One can manage employees, attendance, salary and tasks through it.
• Multilocation support, retail POS  system with Payment Card Industry (PCI) agreement, real-time reporting tools, Digital signage, shipping integration, mobile payment on-site, barcode, promotions, etc. making our system a complete solution for the successful retail industry.   
• Other offering includes Barcode system, loyalty programs, customer-facing display, bulk stock imports, products variants and composites for discounts and offers.
We provide integration and installation services and train your management on our solutions so you can start working from the very first day.

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Restaurant S/w

Improve your restaurant rating, reduce lapsed, lower down expenses, and speed up your service with our Restaurant POS Software services. We deliver desktop, cloud-based web and mobile application restaurant Management solutions. Our offline and online restaurant POS & software and restaurant management system built to meet the unique demands and requirements of bistros, dining restaurants, cafes, bars, buffets, and other types of restaurants.

What we offer:
• Our restaurant software and handy mobile app helps you manage daily activities that speed up the management and helps you to provide fast and impressive customer service.
• Specially designed Dashboard helps manage and monitor dine-In, take-away, delivery, kitchen display tool, kiosk mode, and room service. 
• Easy checkout process with adding or voiding items, bill splitting, and payment preferences with our restaurant POS systems
• Table and Menu management with table reservation system, multiple Menu select and order, order customization with the change in item gradients, and separate tax system for different Menu.
• Real-time Inventory Management system to set stock level with inventory and stock rates and automatically initiate the transfer of items.
• Transaction review, sales graphs and charts, cashier sales report, outlet summary report and much more to offer.
• Unlimited Outlets could be configured, centralized management, consolidated reports & notifications, and access control systems with different levels of privileges and roles.

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Saloon S/w

Now no need to make your customers wait for hours sitting idle for their turns, track your records, tools, and every transaction with our fully-features Saloon Software solution. Our saloon software simplifies and revolutionizes the business of hair saloon, Massage & Spa Centers, Make-Up Artists, Beauty Salons, Health Clinics, Barber Shops, etc. 

Our Saloon software services improve your brand visibility through the most amazing features:

• One can book an appointment, do time management as per staff to block odd timing, do the booking for off-hours, buy packages and offers, join yearly or monthly membership, and transact with online payment solutions.

• We offer an inbuilt Inventory Management solution featured with centralized inventory, audits & reports, In-house inventory, transparency with notification and alerts, inventory transfer in multiple formats, and quantity stack and movement alerts.

• Build your reputation with a very precise tool featured with Email Marketing, reviews and feedback, coupon management, gift cards, loyalty system, and SMS campaign.

• Managing staff, maintaining a roster, skill set records, role management, salary control, payroll checks, task allotment, monitoring and closing, scheduling timelines, and KPI reporting is all automated by our salon tool.

• Customer tracking, notifications to the customer, POS system, an intuitive dashboard for customer and saloon, multi-language support, social media and other integrations with much more to offer in our saloon software Dubai.

Our services are well focused on saloon Booking systems UAEand is also available globally with our cloud based web and mobile app solutions.

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Laundry S/w

Our state-of-the-art development services ensure you a top-notch with laundry management software software solution with a premium experience that transforms your status from a shopkeeper to a professional Laundry businessman. We offer a native and hybrid mobile application, offline desktop, online cloud and web-based laundry software solutions for laundry management to improve your dry cleaning, laundry and alterations business.

Features of Laundry software solution:

• Delivery Management allows both admin and customer to track the delivery and status of laundry. Also, admin can manage delivery boy profile, status and tasks.

• Admin can keep track of expenditure and overall budget, the total number of orders, related reports and date records, address and payment modes.  

• Ultimate Point of Sales (POS) feature with alerts, SMS and notification, receipt printer, tag printer and heat seal support, barcode and payment scanner support, etc. 

• Automated performance metric generation and customer and business invoicing with centralized access. 

• Locker support, multi-laundry store management, stock handling, discounts and coupon system, multi-language and multi-currency support.

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Gym S/w

We believe the saying “Health is Wealth” and playing our part to live in a healthy world with an easy-to-use Gym Management Solution. Our software, web and mobile application development services bring ultimate solutions for fitness clubs, Yoga studio, Martial Arts, dance classes and for other fitness-related business. Our fitness club software handles members, class scheduling, POS system, workout scheduling and tracking, BPI and other fitness details mapping and improvement records.

Features of our Gym management System:
• Club membership management with auto-renew, pause, and transfer membership, KPI with interactive Dashboard, revenue tracking, employee oversight, booking management, etc. 
• Integrated biometric and other access control systems to provide controlled access and track attendance of members.
• Desktop, web and mobile app with different Admin, Trainer, staff and members portal, dashboard, access control, reporting and notifications.
• Gym Tools and material inventory management system with records of locker allotment to members and other staff.
• POS system and online payment modes for membership payment and for sales and purchase of gym accessories, gainers, and other health-related products.
• BI and analytics record for each member or a group includes churn rate, sales prediction, attendance prediction, product recommendation, class recommendations, smart offers, and client acquisition makes our tool one of the best gym software.

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Liquor S/w

We develop management software for multiple domains and verticals with integration and customization services. Our expertise in POS software solutions and inventory management solutions brings you another awesome tool for Retail Liquor stores with multiple modules of ledgers, accounts, sales & purchase, POS-based electronic billing system, barcode facilities, etc.

Our solutions and liquor software services include:
• Easy to use liquor store POS software; Purchasing through product and category, automation of records with data manipulation, supplier ledger, and payment, a dashboard to review reports and purchase planning assistance. 
• Full stock summary, date-wise, and other sorting methods closing stock records, fully automated with barcode software integration.
• Our liquor store software allows you to maintain product and category, cash sales, and price factor-related sales register. 
• Account management is the most crucial feature of our Winery store software with features like bank book journal, ledger, trial balance, profit and loss, balance sheet, debit, credit, and tax records.
• Reporting, notification, and alerts for the supplier, stocks, timely budgets, inventory updates, etc. are the intrinsic features of our liquor software.

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