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Privacy Policy

Privacy and Cookie Policy:
ALL THE INFORMATION IS COLLECTED BY barcosofttech.com. This is the barcosofttech.com online privacy policy. This policy applies and adheres only to the activities and actions barcosofttech.com involves in on its own website and does not comply with any sort of offline activity by Barcosoft itself or by any other source. Any data or information collected by barcosofttech.com is only to improve the performance of the website and is not related to identifying personal user information. Data collected could be browser information, time user spends on the website, etc. User can be asked for personal identity information on barcosofttech.com, including name, address, contact number, account, debit or credit card information, and e-mail address. We gather this information when one sent email or feedback to us, or you register for any service or make any purchase through our website. 

It is very precise and small information, only a collection of few bits of data, very much safe, usually cached in a user’s browser. barcosofttech.comuse these cookies to analyze the total visits of a particular user in the past and duration of the visit with device or browser identity only.

Except for the reasons mentioned below, we never sale, trade or rent any user’s personal information gathered via the website to others. We collect information just to inform the user about order status, order processing, new offer notification and statistic&feeback purpose to improve the website. We disclose your identity to any third party only for order tracking, for credit card transaction to your relevant bank or payment mode, to fill your order details, to improve website functionality, for promotional emails and statistical data analysis. For example, we have to disclose your delivery address information to the delivery service for the delivery of the order to the right address.barcosottech.com may also reveal user’s personal information to the court order or other such request by any government agency or law enforcement agency. In case of filing a bankruptcy or transferring ownership of barcosofttech.com to any other party in case of merger etc. we disclose personal information.

Information provided to any other third party linked to our website does not come under our range and we will not be responsible for the privacy policies of those websites. We suggest you go through privacy policy of the third party before providing personal information to them. Ou policy does not cover any practice or information by the third party linked to our website.

barcosofttech.com use best of its security steps and measures to protect user’s data privacy. However, we cannot guarantee the disclose or leak of any personal information.

barcosofttech.com purposefully does not collect or distribute any information from children below age 18. We don’t permit children to use our website and are not responsible for any disclose or leak of any personal information of children below 18.