Batch Coding Machines - Know Its Necessity & Uses

Posted by : Admin / On : 07-11-2021 /

During the manufacturing process, batch coding devices play an important role. These devices include some batch numbers that are collected through distinctive identification codes of the product.

Usually, these codes are also known as the collection of numbers and letters. However, these collections include the information/detail related to the production line, date, time, etc. The batch coding devices play a vital role in several industries/companies. Let’s find out its importance and uses.


In reality, coding devices are so important for several industries like food, automotive, bottling, pharmaceutical, etc. However, the batch coding machine Dubai is known as reliable, effective, and tremendous. Have a look at the importance of coding devices:

  • By using this device, you can easily trace the product from the processing to the process of distribution. Numerous industries use batch coding devices to track the availability of the product/item.

  • Due to the distinctive batch numbers, it becomes easy to recollect the products. 

  • If there are any affected goods/items, these can be tracked by batch coding devices. However, you can also draw back the affected goods from the market by identifying their batch codes. 


As per the study, the main motive of batch coding devices is to focus on data handling. In other words, these machines help to collect and store relevant information. Storing and recollection of information is so essential to get better outcomes. Here are three types of data handling options as per your requirement:

  • Manual data entry: - Through this data handling option, you have to fill necessary information into the batch coding device. Information may be manual data entry or a template of code. Afterwards, the coding machines start to print the information on the product or packaging.

  • Semi-automated: - It is also an important option for data handling. In this option, you have to enter the data/information into the software. However, it is important to provide data according to the categories. Then, the coding machines translate the information into code for printing.

  • Fully automated: - This option is known as advanced and more reliable for manufacturers. Through fully automated data handling, you can boost productivity along with declining human errors. It is one of the most popular options that create batch numbers automatically.

Final Thoughts

Coding devices are important to make your work easy and effective. Different coding devices are available as per your requirement. You can choose any of them and avail yourself of numerous advantages.