How are barcode printers useful?

Posted by : Admin / On : 20-11-2023 /

Barcode printers are one of the most important tools used in big and small businesses. It is a type of machine that consists of several bars and spaces that are encoded on the products which helps in tracking any packages very easily.

The barcode printers are computer peripheral that works in printing labels and tags with UPCs or EANs. There are two types of popular technology used while printing. Direct thermal barcode printing or thermal transfer barcode printing techniques are involved in barcode printing.


In Dubai, barcode printer technology is becoming popular day by day because of its amazing benefits. The experts keep on updating the printers with new techniques and thus the Barcode printers Dubai are always equipped with high technology and produce clear results. 


Types of Barcode Printers

Barcode printers Dubai comes in a market with so many types and each consists of different features. They differ from each other in terms of technology, printing quality, budget, maintenance cost, and many more. Know more about the types of barcode printers.

Dot Matrix: The Dot Matrix technology of barcode printers is one of the oldest forms of technology that needs very low maintenance. However, the printing quality is not very good in Dot Matrix.

Inkjet: The inkjet produces very clear and high-quality printing results but at a high cost. Along with these, it also needs constant supervision.


Laser: Laser printers are one of the best technology for barcode printing. The maintenance cost is affordable and produces high-quality printing results. However, the labels are not durable and not successful for industrial use.


Thermal: The latest technology Thermal printers are suitable for all types of industries. They are durable, produce good prints that can be easily scanned, and are least affected by any type of environmental conditions.


Key advantages of Barcode Printers Dubai

Investing in barcode printers is one of the best choices for the growth of any business. Owing the printers means eliminating the third-party role in the printing process. Along with these, many other key benefits of barcode printers will clear your doubt as to why one should invest in the technology.


  • Reduces cost and saves time: Having a barcode printer in your industry will reduce the cost that one has to pay for the printing press. At least cost you can print so many barcodes at least possible time.
  • Multiple printing surfaces: The printing machines are not bound to print the labels only on paper. Thermal barcode printers can print on many surfaces like paper, wood, plastic, metal, etc.
  • Printing quality: The advanced technology of barcode printers Dubai produces high-quality results. The resolutions of the prints are very clear and can be easily scanned without any difficulties.
  • Printing types: Industries are free to print almost all kinds of graphics, serial numbers, tickets on various bills, company logos, and even certified logos from barcode printers.
  • Speed: At the very least time, the barcode printers Dubai can print so many labels on the product. The fastest speed calculated for the printers is 15 cm in length per second.
  • No human Error: The barcode printers eliminate the possibility of having any kind of human error. All the work is done through technology and under experts' supervision, so there is less chance of having any mistakes.
  • Easy to use: With advanced technology, the printers are designed in such a way that they can be easily accessed with little guidelines. The barcode printers Dubai are user-friendly and can be easily installed in the system without much effort.