How are cash registers and POS different from each other?

Posted by : Admin / On : 27-10-2023 /

Cash registers are a type of machine that works to record sales transactions, return the changes, and keep money safe in a drawer. This is a good option to maintain the financial management of every small business.

In short, we can say that cash registers do price calculations of the purchased items and provide printouts of the transactions. If we talk about POS then it is the advanced and upgraded version of the cash register having so many additional features.


Difference between cash register and POS


Cash registers are widely used in the UAE by small business owners. There is a high demand for the cash register in Dubai and it has become the basic necessity of the business when talking about recording the sale transaction. However, some people get confused in differentiating between cash registers and POS. Let's know about some basic things that will explain how both are different from each other.


Cash register Dubai is an electronic device used to maintain financial transactions. On the other hand, POs handle financial management along with tracking inventory and updating various business data.


If we talk about price then Pos is very expensive as compared to the cash registers. That's why it has been described that a cash register is a good option for a small business.


Point of point-of-sale system is flexible and runs on different devices like Macs, iPads, mobiles, and laptops. But the Cash register is a machine and can be operated within the store.


A cash register only connects with the payment processor but POS can extend its capabilities by integrating with accounting software, ERP, scheduling apps, payment processors, etc.


Small businesses can manage their work with POS but large businesses cannot be easily managed by cash registers.


Benefits of using cash register Dubai


Although there are many differences between POS and cash registers, still people enjoy the benefits of the cash register in Dubai. Look at some key advantages of the device in business


Easy to use: Cash registers are designed for quick processes and are easy to use. It can be easily operated and complete basic functions like sales tracking, tax calculation, financial management, etc.


Quick process: Customers love it because of its fast checkout process. They quickly calculate the total sale price along with tax and discounts and check additional transaction details like refund policy, date, time, special offers, etc., if needed.


Secure: The cash registers are an electronic drawer that helps in improving the security of cash. They are safely locked and unlocked when there is any sales transaction. If there is a need to access the drawer without any sales transaction then it will safely open by using the authorized user's password, key, or specific code.


ROM Technology: The Cash Registers Dubai works by using Read-only memory(ROM) technology that makes the system secure and reliable. This technology is non-volatile and cannot be changed by ensuring that the contents used are always accurate and verified.


Multiple Payment Options: Along with cash payments, cash registers accept multiple payment options like Debit cards and credit cards, cheques, gift vouchers, loyalty cards, etc.


Bottom Line


Cash Registers are the most secure, reliable, and budget friendly device which has gained enormous popularity in Dubai. If we talk about the Cash Registers Dubai then it is the smart electronic gadget that has given a new direction to the small business. Not only the business owner but customers are also accepting the device and enjoying the accurate payment process of the cash registers.