How does the POS machine in Dubai work so effectively?

Posted by : Admin / On : 11-10-2023 /

The point of sale is a place where customers complete their payment transactions. This is an electronic machine that calculates the customer's price, makes discounts, adds sales tax, mentions date, time, and place, completes almost all financial transactions, and provides invoice prints to the customers.

Not only this, but POS machines are also beneficial in tracking various operations of the store. POS solution Dubai is the updated version of the cash register invented with many additional features.

How pos machine Dubai works


We know about the work of the POS machine but have you ever thought about how this machine can make such accurate calculations? Let us know about its technology and the process of the POS solution in Dubai.


The POS machine completes the whole process by using the three components: Hardware, Software, and payment processing services.


POS Hardware: The hardware parts of the POS are very common but useful components. However, if anyone operates an online business through POS applications then there is no need for any hardware parts. However, in offline stores, the POS hardware will be always available. Check out some major parts:


Card reader: A POS machine in Dubai has credit and debit card readers that help in completing cashless payments. The machine accepts swipe, chip, and contactless payments depending on the model used by the company.


Terminals: The POS terminals not only accept payments from cards but also give you the print receipt and scan barcodes. It works in providing accurate detail to the customers for their purchased items.


Customer Display: Along with the touchscreen desktop of the store, customer displays are also available in modern POS solution Dubai. It provides information to the customer during the billing process.


Kitchen display: This is also an additional part of the POS solution Dubai which directly sends orders to the kitchen where staff can view and track the orders as per serial numbers.


Cash Drawers: In cash drawers, cash has been kept and these drawers open when the billing transaction is completed. Apart from billing transactions, it will only open with the ID number of the authorized store employees.


Self-ordering kiosks: This is a new POS trend where people order and make payments of their own without any staff members. This type of hardware POS is good for restaurants and cafes


Barcode Scanners: It is a machine that is used to scan the barcode labels of the products. Barcodes are the print on the product that provides information on the purchased items.


POS software


Software is a set of instructions, data, and programs that are used to operate the POS hardware and execute specific tasks. It is a type of application that completes the command given by the hardware. The software can be described in two parts:


On-premises software: This is a type of software that is used to access the POS system. It works to complete the payment process, manage inventory, operate various store functions, and so on.


Cloud-based software: This type of POS solution Dubai software is a good option for online businesses and mobile businesses. It can be easily accessible from mobile by using a POS application.


Payment processing services: A payment process is used for debit and credit card transactions which is an intermediary between the owner, the customer, and financial institutions.