How does warehouse management software affect the supply chain of business?

Posted by : Admin / On : 03-10-2023 /

Warehouse management Software (WMS) is used to monitor and track all warehouse operations. It helps in optimizing several warehouse functions that include picking and packing goods, inventory management, storage layout, Receiving goods, shipping process, labor management, etc.

This is one of the most powerful and vital tools for manufacturing companies as it helps in keeping the business on track by maintaining the supply chain of goods to your customers.

WMS and Supply Chain


Warehouse management software is used to manage the functions of a warehouse but somehow it is well connected with the supply chain of the manufacturing business. We can say that WMS plays a key role in maintaining the proper and regular order fulfillment process. Let's know how they are connected.


  • WMS informs about the available raw materials which are used to make the ordered goods of the customers.
  • If any raw material is unavailable then there can be a delay in providing the finished goods. However, warehouse management software informs about the unavailability to avoid such conditions.
  • If there is no WMS in the company then the work will get slow or maybe it will stop by affecting the cost and time of the company.
  • WMS tracks all the operations by ensuring that all the inventory is stored properly. It keeps the entire report of the warehouse streaming from purchasing raw materials to providing the finished goods to the customers.
  • The main aim of WMS is to keep the stock updated to maintain the proper supply chain.


Features of WMS


In Dubai, manufacturing companies are fully dependent on warehouse management software Dubai. They keep on updating the solutions to get new features in it. However, now the WMS has become popular worldwide but the software of Dubai is very unique. Let's have a look at some of the key features of WMS:


Warehouse Layout: The storage problem is one of the big issues in the manufacturing business. However, warehouse management software optimizes the inventory allocation and maximizes the storage space by informing about the required raw materials.


Tracking: The modern feature of the warehouse management software Dubai is to track the inventory date through radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and barcode readers. It is very helpful while searching for any products or when they need to move them from one place to another.


Picking and packing: The software can manage zone picking, batch picking, and wave picking. It gives a complete guide to the pick-and-pack process.


Labor management: Warehouse management software Dubai has advanced features for monitoring the worker's performance by using key performance indicators (KPIs). It clearly shows which worker is performing below or above standards.


Receiving: warehouse management software keeps the record of receiving goods which helps in eliminating the errors of the purchase orders and actual products received.


Reporting: warehouse management software Dubai generates automatic reports which include the overall warehouse functions, analyzing the worker's performance, producing finished goods, and many other such activities.


Financial reports: Warehouse management software prepares the finance reports that include all the transactions of purchase and sale, raw materials cost, customer payments, etc. It helps in tracking the financial management of the company.