What are some pros and cons of a warehouse tracking system?

Posted by : Admin / On : 16-02-2024 /

Warehouse management solutions are becoming the first choice of every business owner as they help the company in many ways. Poor inventory management, lack of supply chain management, high labor costs, and many more are some common problems that one has to face while processing warehouse operations manually.

There are so many advantages of using the warehouse tracking system but on the other hand, companies also have to face some consequences of the solution. Know more about the pros and cons of the system in detail. 

Warehouse tracking system in detail


A warehouse management solution is a tool that helps to complete several warehouse functions accurately in very little time. The work of the solution starts as soon as the goods enter and ends when it is delivered to the customers. No matter if the size of the warehouse is big or small, the warehouse tracking system manages the storage in an efficient way that makes it easy to track and organize the goods effectively.


Advantages of warehouse tracking system


Cloud-based WMS: The modern invention of a cloud-based warehouse tracking system provides a high level of security that prevents theft, loss, and other such activities. One can access the solution from several devices and maintain the operation as per requirements. It is very useful for the owner having several warehouses as they keep on tracking the inventory regularly.


Barcodes and RFID: Warehouse management solutions become more beneficial with barcodes and RFID technology. It helps in providing accuracy while dealing with the goods picking, packing, and delivering the items to the customer. It is an all-time effective way of processing several warehouse functions.


Inventory management: A warehouse tracking system manages the inventory that helps to avoid lost or misplaced inventory. It improves visibility and manages the stock level by eliminating the possibility of any loss, theft, or wastage of products.


Maintain supply chain: warehouse tracking systems optimize the supply chain inventories by providing real-time data to the owner. Overstocking leads to the wastage of products whereas out-of-stock creates disturbance in the supply chain. The solution is beneficial to reduce excess wastage of the goods.  


Fast delivery: Customers always expect fast deliveries which are easily fulfilled by the warehouse tracking system. It offers automation of activities such as shipping label generation that goes directly to the picker's work schedule via mobile barcode scanners. 


Disadvantages of warehouse management solution


We have explored the core benefits of the system but have you ever focused on the other side of the coin? Yes, there are some basic disadvantages of the warehouse tracking system that are not so serious but still the owner has to face such consequences.


  1. The set-up cost of the warehouse management solution is very high. However, it gives profit to the business but the initial years will be risky if the business does not last for a long term.
  2. Any business is connected with multiple software such as accounting and many others. When you buy a new WMS then it takes time to connect with other existing software of the company. It becomes very messy and time-consuming work to connect WMS with other software accurately.
  3. After connecting the warehouse tracking system with many other software it becomes hard to maintain and transfer the data correctly. It takes months to complete the task.