What Are The Differences Between A Cash Register and POS?

Posted by : Admin / On : 30-01-2022 /

Both a POS and a Cash Register are crucial for the retail sector. As customers, we often come across both of them. Before moving to know the difference between them, you should know what they are. Knowing them will be beneficial for you.

What is a cash drawer/register?

Invented by James Ritty in 18979, a cash register is a mechanical or electrical tool. Businesses use it for the record and calculation of their financial transactions. Most of such machines consist of a keypad that business owners use to input values and attach a receipt printer, cash drawer, scales, and a barcode scanner. 

James Ritty invented this calculating machine when he was a saloon owner in Ohio. He received a patent for it, as the Incorruptible Cashier. Through his research work, he tried to have a shift this tool towards a more efficient and analytical machine production. In the current world, it is digital cash calculating machine with a touchscreen. 

What is a POS?   

A Point-of-Sale or POS system is a mix of a few hardware and software components for printing bills and accepting payments through different modes at the counter. These components are a monitor, barcode scanner, card reader, printer, and software. The POS is the advanced version of a cash register Dubai. It helps you operate your business sales more efficiently. Further, it can help you analyze, track, and interpret many metrics. 

What are the differences? 

The primary difference is that a cash register is designed and made for managing sales, but a POS works as a central system in a retail business. It integrates those sales in a way that can make you comprehend:

  • Most popular products at your store 

  • Loyal customers

  • Product stock and products to be procured 

  • Employee performance in achieving the targeted sales

  • Customers’ thoughts on your business operation 

A cash register states you only about the money you make a day. On the other hand, a point-of-sale system states how you can make more money. You could have a cash register free of cost while you need to pay a fixed amount every month to its vendor.    

Which is better for you?

Through this write-up, it is a tricky job to state that a particular device is better for you. Instead, you should know your business operation requirements well. It will help you decide whether a POS or a cash register is a better option for you.