What is a Point of Sale Software?

Posted by : Admin / On : 16-10-2021 /

A POS software, or a Point of Sale's software, is being used to complete any transaction done by the customer at the time of purchasing any products or services from a store. 

In simple words, when a customer buys products from a store, a Point of sale transaction is being completed. A POS software is the central business environment where all aspects come together such as marketing, innovation, and customer relationship management. The POS software consists of the cash register and computer equipment where financiers import goods purchased, estimate costs, and receive payment for completing transactions.


Mobile Point of sale

This is a basic type of Point of sale software, and it can be used to manage and process payments and perform asset tracking using a mobile phone.

Terminal Point of sale

This Point of sale software is the software that is widely used by businesses because it has high-quality functions at a reasonable cost. Terminal Point of sale can be both software and hardware-based, with additional features like cash drives and barcode scanners.

Cloud-based Point of sale

Cloud-based Point of sale software Dubai can be set up online or in the cloud storage with your existing hardware, such as computers, printers, and tablets. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from this setup because of its availability, ease of use, durability, and flexibility.


POS software Dubai helps retailers, restaurants, salons, and many small businesses to operate smoothly by the given facilities:

• Providing all the best business views and keeping track of cash flow

• Provide advanced reporting to identify large and small profitable products

• Keeping track of delivery and supplies

• Change the price of the product and automatically update it in the system