Which warehouse management system features make it unique?

Posted by : Admin / On : 04-02-2024 /

Starting a new business with a warehouse is a smart thing but managing it without any software can be very challenging. Running smooth warehouse operations can be possible with the help of warehouse management software.

A good WMS is very effective and improves the performance of the company. However, selecting the best system can be a little difficult. But if you explore and get in-depth knowledge about the features of a warehouse management system then you can easily invest in the best one.

Features of the warehouse management system

A good WMS provides efficiency and accuracy that significantly enhance the performance and boost the growth of the company. Several features of warehouse management software will explain the main aim of using it for processing different warehouse functions. Check out some unique features of the software to know why it is different from other software and how it fulfills the needs and requirements of the business. Check out:


Inventory Management: A good and effective warehouse management software provides real-time inventory data that includes its level, status, location, and storage. The barcodes on the products can be easily tracked by the software which helps in many ways. The process of the software starts as soon as the goods enter the warehouse and ends with the goods out. Inventory management by the software provides several benefits as such:


  1. Give support for SKU (stock-keeping Units).
  2. Provide information about products information, Serial and Batch Numbers,
  3. Scan the Barcodes to maintain the stock accuracy.
  4. Avoid overstocking and out-of-stock product status.
  5. Keep accurate reports of the inventory Movement.

 Picking and packing: It becomes very hard to create the picking and packing list accurately. But we are blessed with the technology for inventing a warehouse management system that makes it easy to accurately complete the process of picking and packing. The quantity of packaging is determined automatically. Shipping labels, price tags, bills of ladings, logos, and many other important documents are provided by the WMS to complete the process accurately. Manual processing can lead to a high risk of human errors but operating good WMS with proper guidance can complete it accurately.


Order management: The warehouse management system optimizes and fulfills orders more effectively by regulating the supply chain in the warehouse. The processing of order management is done through AI, robotics, and machine learning which results in efficiency. It is also beneficial in maintaining speed with accuracy. Now with more advanced technology, picking robots are available in the warehouse that complete the work of locating and delivering the products accurately without any mistakes. They follow the commands given by the expert technicians.


Reports and Analytics: Warehouse management software keeps all the details and information of purchase and sale so that the company can easily make the final reports of exact profit and loss. It provides daily, weekly, monthly, and annual data on sales that are also aware of which products are giving more market and profit to the company. The analytics also help to improve the warehouse process if needed.


Risk management: While starting any business, we need a backup that can easily manage the risk. Advanced warehouse management systems can make plans to avoid any type of loss to the company. The software can easily make a brief description of the more or less demanding products so that they can avoid overstocking which may lead to high wastage of the goods. WMS gives a clear visibility of the goods which is effective to make future decisions.