3600 Panoramic Image Capturing Surveillance Camera

Our eyes have a limitation to see at all angles, but HikvisionDS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S)IR Network Fisheye Camera break the shackles and capture panoramic images for angles of 3600. The feature of dewarping the images enables it to be viewed as a normal image. The capability of this camera to detect sound and speaking through with built-in speaker and mic that makes a real-time surveillance device. With its latest technology of CMOS sensor and 12 Mega Pixel of the high-resolution camera, it delivers the quality images of up to 4000*3000 resolution. 
It holds the good DORI (Detect, Observe, Recognize, Identify) distance that helps to differentiate between object and human. 
DORI: 2 mm

• Detect: 43.2 m
• Observe: 17.2 m
• Recognize: 8.6 m
• Identify: 4.3 m  

Please download PDF for detailed specification.