Breaks The Shackles of Traditional Scanning

The latest Magellan 8500 Series barcode scanning technology is incorporated in Datalogic Magellan 2200VS that makes it one of the favourites, fast and handy vertical scanner in the industrial domains. It is integrated with OmegaTek Productivity Technology helps in aggressive vertical scan volume. The first strike advance decoding allows all types of barcodes scanning including RSS decoding. With all of these extraordinary features, Datalogic Magellan 2200VS scanner uses flash memory that helps in upgrading the software whenever the latest version is available with new features. 


• Model: Magellan 2200VS, Magellan 2200VS Vertical 
• Scan lines: 20
• Motor Speed: 6000 RPM
• Depth of field: 8.0”/ 23.3 cm
• Read Height: 6.0”/ 15.2 cm
• Host Support: Standard RS-232, IBM 46XX, IBM USB, USB Keyboard,Keyboard Wedge