Whether throwing a party, inviting guests, opening a business or scheduling a conference/event, Barcosoft helps you in every step planning and coordinating the guest and customers by providing physical and digital invitations, attendance management solutions, and identification control. 

Our solutions allow you to generate and sell invitation cards and tickets via websites, online registration, Social network, Email, message and other mobile applications with QR Code, invitation links, templates messages, etc. for planning a Festive event, Birthday event, Virtual events, Wedding events, Business events, Opening events, Reunion and for other occasions.

Digital Invitation Solution:

o Digital 1D or 2D QR code generation for tickets and invitations, 
o QR Code Check-In and scanning solution
o Image Recognition
o Links&messages with pre-defined templates Invitation
o Digital printers and template design softwares
o Digital foil, letterpress, foil stamping, offset printing, engraving, thermography, laser cut, etc.
o Attendance badges with magnetic cards with identification and access control
o ID card swiping systems with identity and attendance tracking tools
o RFID Identification for virtual meetings
o Scanners and inventory system QR code identity 
o RSVP Management Solution
o Invitation and calendar scheduling automation