Give Your Business A Touch of Technology

Motorola LI4278 Scanner is a cordless lightweight scanner capable to scan on the surface from extreme angles. Scanning of electronic barcodes in mobile phones, PCs or tabs, barcodes printed on paper labels, and High Density (HD) Barcodes in manufacturing of electronic components is conveniently possible through Motorola LI4278 Cordless Scanner. 671 nanometer of laser beam expands its wide reach of scanning, it can capture 100% of UPC codes up to the range of 30 inches or 76.2 cm and for 200% of UPC code the range is 55 inch or 139.7 cm. Its speed of up to 547 scans per second gives it an advantage over other barcode readers. In-built Bluetooth functionality allows this scanner to connect wirelessly within the range of 330 feet. 


• Type: Scanner with 617nm Laser beam
• Connectivity: Cordless
• Range (Depth of Field): 30”
• Resolution: 13mm 
• Speed: 547 scans per second
• Connectivity: Bluetooth with 330’ range
• Cables: USB cable for charging and wireless connectivity