Affordable & Durable 1D Linear Barcode Scanner

Symbol LS2208 Scanners is the ergonomic, multi-purpose and lightweight handheld barcode scanner used in retail POS, school book checking, etc. With adequate price range, it offers a wide range of working area from near contact up to 17 inches that enhance the scanning capability and fasten the overall process. These features also make it the absolute solution for the education, hospital, retail and government sectors. LS2208 laser scanner comes with single-line scanning pattern, corded connectivity, 1D scanning capability, and 5 years of warranty.


• Type: Laser Scanner
• Capability: 1D Scanning
• Connectivity: Cabled
• Range (Depth of Field): 17” (43cm)
• Form Factor: Handheld
• Color: Black/White
• Scan Pattern: Single line
• Cables: USB/RS-232 Serial/AT/PS2 Keyboard Wedge etc.