An Application Rich Device With Wireless Connectivity

WL20 is Fingerprint Time & Attendance Terminal with Wi-Fi module. With Wi-Fi function, User needn’t wire Ethernet cable, it supports hotspot mode and allows mobile APPs connection and check-in/out and download record directly. It’s associated with ZK new fingerprint reader, the operation remains stable under a strong light source and high preciseness of verification of wet and rough fingers.

A biometric device is not worthy without a compatible software for managing Fingerprint time and attendance record. ZKTeco WL20 biometric device is full of the latest features and is a level up from previous devices in some factors:

• No ethernet cable is required now for connectivity as Wi-fi 802.11 module is available.
• Supports hotspot mode.
• Allows mobile and PC application to be connected with ZKTeco WL20 biometric device.
• Enable to scan and match fingers with dirt, wetness or with some roughness.
• Allowed apps to download check-in and check out the information.


• Fingerprint Capacity: 1000/1500 (without SSR)
• Record Capacity: 50000
• Logs Capacity: 100,000
• Communication: USB Client, USB Host, Wi-Fi
• Standard Functions: SSR, DST, Scheduled-bell, Self-Service Query, Automatic Status Switch, T9 Input
9-digit user ID
• Verification Speed: less than 1 sec
• Display: 2.8" TFT Touch Screen
• Optional Functions: TA Assistant APP, Time Cube Cloud Solution