How to improve the quality of barcode printing machines?

Posted by : Admin / On : 30-04-2024 /

Printing Barcodes is always challenging even though companies are using high technologies and methods but still, people face risks of having barcode errors and labels.

In this blog, we will learn about some tips to know how one can easily improve the quality of a barcode printing machine.

All about barcode printers

The barcode label printing software consists of hardware and software and is used to print barcode labels and tags that can be easily attached to goods, assets, packages, or any physical object with UPCs or EANs. In this competitive market, the barcode printing machine has become the standard piece of office equipment that is widely used by both small and large business owners.

The barcode printers are somehow different from the normal printers. These are computer peripherals that are specially designed to print the labels and tags which can be directly printed on the products. Two types of techniques were used by the barcode label printing software. Direct Thermal and Thermal transfer.

The Direct Thermal technology prints the barcode labels with chemically treated materials that blacken the area when heat is applied. However, with time, the label ad tags may fade or unreadable.

The Thermal transfer technology uses a thermal print-head that applies heat to a ribbon which in turn melts the ink on the label surface. Unlike the former one, this technology has high printing quality and the logos and tags can be read for a very long time. This barcode printing machine technology can print graphics, logos, and text in different colors and on a wide variety of material types.  

Tips to improve the barcode quality

Barcode label printing software uses advanced technology to print logos and tags on different things. But with time the printing quality lowers due to lack of maintenance and other factors. But some simple tricks can maintain the quality of Barcodes and improve the printing results. Here are some of them that you can apply to enjoy high-quality barcode label printing.

Selection of printer: Choose the right printer as per your business requirements. Sometimes, selecting the wrong barcode printing machine can result in bad-quality printing. There are many types of barcode printers available in the market including Mobile printers, Desktop printers, Industrial printers, kiosk printers, custom printers, etc. These all come with different technologies and printing quality results.

Maintenance is a must: Any machine needs regular maintenance. If your printers are kept in dusty areas then it is important to clean them regularly. Apart from that, regular maintenance services are needed by the professionals because they know how to clean it for better results.

Replace batteries regularly: The barcode label printing software has batteries that surely do not last for a long time. Operating the printers daily can affect the battery and no doubt daily charging to the batteries will shorten its life. So, it is advised to replace them regularly. When batteries are not replaced regularly then they can harm the printers which may also result in damaging some parts of the barcode printing machine.

Software updates: The barcode printing machines rely on both hardware and software parts, so it is important to update the software regularly. However, some software is updated automatically but some needs to be checked regularly and keep updating them with time.