How to use cash register?

Posted by : Admin / On : 03-09-2021 /

A cash register is a tool used in Point of Sale to calculate and record transactions made online, in business.

Cash machine

The sales register is fitted with a bottom cabinet that is used to store money. The machine will automatically print the receipt after registering the purchase amount and also record the transaction in accordance with the POS hand transaction. It is a very effective tool for any business that assists in the marketing process. In addition, it will provide receipts to customers with directions regarding purchases. Since this comes with a drawer, it is good to save money. There are different types of cash machines, but they usually work the same way. Here are the basic steps to use this machine.

Use the following steps while using the cash register:

1. Make sure the cash machine has tape. This will be a receipt you give to a customer who provides a record of your sales.

2. Make sure the cash register drawer is ready. A drawer is where you keep the money in the cash register. There is a place for change and debt and often large debts and receipts for credit cards are kept under the drawer.

3. Scan products when you care for a customer. Each item a customer wants to purchase must be scanned by a cash machine. This includes the number of leftovers in stock and the price of the product.

4. After everything has been scanned press the “Total” button on the cash machine, and this will be reflected in the register. Then inform the client of the amount owed.

5. Enter the amount of money that is paid by the customer in the cash machine and it will automatically show the changes you have to return to the customers. For example, if a client owes you $ 30 and you get $ 50, the register will calculate and tell you that you must repay the customer $ 20.

6. Accept credit cards as a payment method. If the customer pays with a credit card instead of cash, there is a machine that will be used for the transaction. A receipt you receive in the cash machine will contain this information. A copy of the customer receipt is a copy you need to include in it instead of cash.

7. Finish the sale by giving the customer a receipt.