Handheld Inkjet Printer Or Date Coding Machine And Marking Machines With Multiple Material Support

BarcoSoftTech supplies and provide support for both Inkjet portable printer and Laser expiry date printing machines. Expiry Date printer  Or Expiry Date Printing Machine have pre-programmed date formats which are inherited with features like customizable date & time editors and automatic date forward function. Other features are a high-quality modularized ink cartridge and print head, 4.3 Inch touch screen panel with supporting operating system, single and multiple line printing support, easy operation, and free maintenance. New date formats can be created easily and directly stored in the internal memory for further use.


• CPU: Quad Core with different frequencies for different models
• Resolution: 300 DPI high resolution
• Printing speed: 70m/min
• Net weight: less than 1 kg
• Storage: low storage with external USB support
• Printing material: Board, cartoon, stone, pipe, cable, metal, plastic products, electronic, fiber, board, aluminium foil, etc. 
• Printing length: 2000 characters for each message with no length limit
• Printing height: 12.7mm