Improve your restaurant rating, reduce lapsed, lower down expenses, and speed up your service with our Restaurant POS Software services. We deliver desktop, cloud-based web and mobile application restaurant Management solutions. Our offline and online restaurant POS & software and restaurant management system built to meet the unique demands and requirements of bistros, dining restaurants, cafes, bars, buffets, and other types of restaurants.

What we offer:
• Our restaurant software and handy mobile app helps you manage daily activities that speed up the management and helps you to provide fast and impressive customer service.
• Specially designed Dashboard helps manage and monitor dine-In, take-away, delivery, kitchen display tool, kiosk mode, and room service. 
• Easy checkout process with adding or voiding items, bill splitting, and payment preferences with our restaurant POS systems
• Table and Menu management with table reservation system, multiple Menu select and order, order customization with the change in item gradients, and separate tax system for different Menu.
• Real-time Inventory Management system to set stock level with inventory and stock rates and automatically initiate the transfer of items.
• Transaction review, sales graphs and charts, cashier sales report, outlet summary report and much more to offer.
• Unlimited Outlets could be configured, centralized management, consolidated reports & notifications, and access control systems with different levels of privileges and roles.